The B12 Formula arises from Marketing and Sales integration

Innovation is our foundation, and it is found in every aspect of B12, as well as in the development of the technology we use. It is the focus on continuous improvement that enables us to present this new agency concept.

Content Marketing

Content is the undisputed star in digital marketing strategies. That's why at Agencia B12 we create high-quality content to generate consumer interaction and interest in your business. Content analysis, its engagement and impact, enables businesses to reach their target audience with a personalised message, successfully adapted to both the strategy and the objectives of the brands.


Integrating a mix of media allows us to be involved in the complete purchasing decision cycle and to tailor the message to each format and medium. A clear strategy – including content and direct response campaigns – that generates results. And, of course, a global vision of the entirety of multimedia-buying, based on both behaviour and audience.

Data Management

There are countless variables surrounding the Buying Cycle of any product or service. All this information is ripe for study to better understand and improve approach for the next customer. Therefore the collection of data, its interpretation and proper application, is central to everything we do at Agencia B12. With this data, the right technology, and the application of more than 25 years of business intelligence and experience in campaign results, we have all the ingredients to make your project a success.

Sales Centre

All resources and investments in online campaigns generate traffic. Depending on the audience’s location, we can offer geo-specific strategies for traditional stores that are focused on ROI in E-commerce, or close the sale in real time through a Contact Centre.