The B12 Formula: innovation, marketing and sales

The objective of applying this formula is to generate, through an online strategy, new sources of clients or services which are optimal for your business. The next step is to grasp them, retain them, and gain their loyalty in an offline or online environment, according to your business profile.

The B12 Formula

Innovation is the source of energy for Agencia B12 and its departments (Content Marketing, Performance, Data Management and Sales Centre). Our teams are characterized by a 100% digital and sales DNA. This goes hand in hand with the brands and their strategy, from their design to their conversion, to ensure profit and success.

Integration of Knowledge

Agencia B12 examines how much it costs a business to convert interest into customer purchases of goods and services. Thanks to this approach we can build a digital, integrated and tailored strategy that adapts to the needs of the business.

Result-Oriented Model

Our business intelligence model brings together the forces of marketing and sales to achieve very high-quality and profitable results. Agencia B12 is the vitamin for your business.

Our career began in the telecommunications industry over 25 years ago as the Telestant Group.

Agencia B12 is Telestant Digital's natural evolution, a business model focused on results and built on three pillars: Digital Agency, Contact Centre 2.0, and Database Management.

Both Telestant Digital and Agencia B12, its successor, have been (and continue to be) pioneering offerings for the Telestant Group. A company with nearly 30 years experience in developing innovative and specialist models, both for physical sales in traditional stores, as well as through customer care in a contact centre, we are always result-oriented. The new agency model presented by Agencia B12 integrates comprehensive online marketing strategy with the contact centre to close the sale.

Throughout these years we have partnered with numerous leading brands.